Dear All,


            Thank you so much for keeping the flame of Delta Tau Delta burning bright in the Lafayette community for the past 27 years. Without your commitment to Lafayette, to each other, and to the ideals of the fraternity, my 44 undergraduate brothers and I would have been hard pressed to make our way through the often convoluted process that was the Lafayette Greek Life Recognition Process.


With a phenomenal support team, largely spearheaded by alumni Gregory Eggert, we were able to connect with the national organization, and with administrators, who supported us and where we wanted to go, no doubt highly inspired by the continued commitment of the alumni to Lafayette and to service of the national fraternity. Every alumnus who I have met in the last year has encouraged us with open arms and has been truly engaged with us and with the process. We are excited to become a part of the brotherhood that you all share, and to join an inspiring and committed of a group of alumni who have supported, encouraged, and enthused us to make it as far as we have and as quickly as we did.


We are happy to have received your support in allowing us to represent you at Lafayette. I look forward to meeting many more of you this summer at the tri-annual Delt reunion at Lafayette College.


Best Regards,


Daniel J.F. Lupia '16

President - Delta Tau Delta Nu Crescent Colony - Lafayette College

Box 9450, 111 Quad Drive, Easton PA, 18042